Monday, January 2, 2012

It begins again

Round 5 has officially begun. I was a bit delayed in starting, which made my crazy infertile brain wonder if I could be pregnant naturally by some amazing miracle of God. I was a week late after my nice 4 months of amazing regularity so Mike said "Take a test". The man just doesn't comprehend the horrors of taking a home pregnancy test when you've been trying to get pregnant for the past 86 months. His advice? "Pretend it is an HIV test and you WANT it to be negative" Um ok? Well after torturing myself for another day I did the dreaded pee on a stick test and of course I immediately got confirmation that my period was starting 10 seconds later.

Anyways no natural miracles for me, which I should have expected but I did let myself dream about the possibility for a while. Oh well so much for that. So I will start taking birth control tomorrow, then next week I can inject myself with times.

I think the only reason we're doing this is for the sake of those 4 tiny embryos. Dear hubby and I both want to see one of them make it. Apparently that will take a miracle too.

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